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7 of the Best Hebride Whisky's

The Hebrides are a seemingly picture perfect destination for vacations or just taking a stroll in the magical paradise here on earth. Not only do their mountainous views and beautiful landscape captivate you, the Hebrides are also home to some of the best whisky producing areas -in all of Scotland. Some of these whiskeys are as old as the towns they are produced in, which ensures a refined and absolutely breathtaking taste like you've never experienced before, whether it's malt whiskey or just scotch whisky that you're hoping to get, you'll definitely get the best kinds in the Hebrides whisky producing areas. Some of the finest distilleries and their whiskies include but not limited to;

bowmore-distilleriesBOWMORE DISTILLERIES

Located on lslay, one of the many islands that make up the Hebrides, their peated whisky which is made from the purest waters of the age old Laggan river gives this whisky a very subtly warm but smoky taste. The maturing that is done in oak casks which takes years gives this whisky a very traditional and refreshing single malt whisky. Some of their famous brands include; the twelve year old single malt, the fifteen year old, the seventeen year old, the twenty year old, the Bowmore cask and the Bowmore darkest amongst a host of others.


This is one of the oldest distilleries in Hebrides which has also faced a number of challenges, including closure at different times, they used the malted barley in producing their drinks which is transported to them from the mainland and the maturation process also takes place at the mainland, some of their incredible products include their ten year old malt scotch whisky, blended scotch whisky and the ledaig peated malt.


This very well loved distillery flourished in the in the 1900’s before productions were halted in 1997, after which it was bought by the well known Glemorangie PLC, they are well known for their extremely peated drinks which is purely vegetative deposit and devoid of any offensive materials or sulfur substrates. Their array of impressive products include; the single islay malt scotch whisky, the Ardbeg 1965 (very rare), the ardbeg ten years old and the ardberg still young amongst others.


This distillery was reopened in the 1950s with production beginning in 1963 after it was initially closed by the founders, their main goal was to create a malt which was not too peaty and made a good highland spirit. Some of their products include; the Jura island malt whisky which is 10 years old, the Jura superstition, the sixteen year old Jura and a host of others.


This distillery is the only distillery to bottle it's own whisky, with it's entire products from the island of lslay. They also possess the world's most alcoholic single malt ever made, they have received numerous awards around the world for their products excellence. Some of their products include; the X4-Perilous whisky, the Octomore (peatiest scotch whisky in the world), blacker still cask strength amongst other famous editions loved by many around the world.


They are generally well versed in producing lighter single malts, with distinctly different flavors, some of their products include; the coal ila fifteen year old 1969, the coal ila single malt and many others.


Their major secret to their success is the slow pace at which every process is carried out, which results in uniquely tasty whisky, some of their main products include: the fifteen year old, the twenty five year old and the old style twelve years old.

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