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Trace your roots back to the Hebrides?

Most sites that are dedicated to ancestry are looking at specific name, clans or even delving into analysis of their coat of arms to determine who their past relatives were. The Hebrides- more or less is a lot more than that, defining a whole collective unique as the next. Our team is also proud to be part of that cultural diversity and further dedicates their time to the history and culture of the Hebrides today.

Cole Wallace -managing editor

I’m a proud ‘Scot’ and of course my heritage plays a big part in this website. For anyone who has roots based in or from the Hebrides, we’ve got something good for you. We cover the Vikings, The royals and the very people who live there. My goal is to add a little bit of everything -just like you come to expect from Haggis!

Sheena Mac William -lead writer

The hardest part of writing about the history of the Hebrides is there is so much of it to review. Along with that are so many stories and obviously old folklore. Try wrapping your head around that if you’re not aware of the complex yet simple life of the inner and outer Hebrides. Neatly wrapped and presented to you-the viewer, I do my very best to always deliver something special.

Logan Mitchell -special interest pieces

If its connected to the Hebrides, then you have my full attention. I cover everything from Hollywood celebs to influential people who make a difference. I find the unique and important facts most people haven’t heard about yet. After that I like to add a splash of local interest pieces to top it all off. Who ever said the Hebrides weren’t a chatty bunch must have been thinking of the Highland Scots by mistake.

Ailsa Ferguson -contributing staff writer

I think the Scottish people are fascinating without question, but when I learned about the Hebrideans, it started to make more sense why my grandmother refused to speak English to many of her Scottish friends. She only spoke to them in Gaelic first to see how they would react. I’m doing special articles about the Gaelic language and the many variations it has grown from.

Chloe Findlay -special assignment

There has been a push in recent years from the political powers that reside throughout the Hebrides who are pushing for a more complete and unified distinction of the outer and inner Hebrides. As they say struggle is often part of independence, the call for separate state is my ongoing coverage. I’ll try not to bore you, but it’s exciting nonetheless for those who like an uphill battle.

As if that wasn’t enough, we might have missed something along the way. It’s not because it may have been on purpose, but it’s our job to ask for your help. If you find anything anything wrong, misspelled or not as complete as it should- we want to know about it.

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